Monday, 11 October 2010

The Great Red Shark

Pretty dodgy draw for uni brief. Crossing a Chevrolet Impala & shark in order to create a literal representation of the frequently used HST metaphor. Vrum Vrum. The idea is to create an instalation to say thank you to Hunter S Thompson. This was the car so often referred to in his work as 'The Great Red Shark'... get why I did this now? Anyway, the mix is inspired by my love of his descriptive language & extension of reality in his work so thats what I tried to do here.

Bits down the side. I had some difficulty with the picture, no matter what I did it wouldn't rotate. The first square is the front of the car, drawn badly. The second shows the steering wheel with the inscription in the centre: 'Hunter S. Thompson 1937 - 2005'.

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