Thursday, 24 February 2011

Professional Project: Illustration One - Rio Carnival

The first illustartion for my professional project is complete.
Book = Spiral
Word = Sway
Wikipedia = Sway DeSafo
End Point = Rio De Janeiro
I'd say my process for generating random subject material seems to be working on that one. This is done almost entirely in marker pens. I bought some Letraset ones. They are amazing. Outlines in fineliner and background in black ink. I think this is a good start to the project and I am pleased with the outcome. It reflects the mood of the carnival in the colours. I tried to input some influence from Brazilian artists work that I looked at, but this mainly just came through in colour as their styles were so far removed from mine that it would have gone totally wrong had I tried to go any further.

Monday, 21 February 2011

February 21st 2010: That Girl Over There

Random drawing I did at uni. 20 minutes trying to use styles.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Atomic Legdrop Photos - February Edition

This months edition featured Ed Wood, Lucky One Dies First and Flippant Malarkism.
Here's some snaps.

Ed Wood - Lean Back

Ed Wood - Lean Forward

Lucky One Dies First - Jump Around

Lucky One Dies First - Full Band

Lucky One Dies First - Ollie

Lucky One Dies First - Drumming With A Grin

Lucky One Dies First - Perry

Lucky One Dies First - Blurs

Lucky One Dies First - Menace

Lucky One Dies First - Tap

Full set available to view from

More Stickers

After all the fun I had making and sticking my stickers the other week I thought I'd knock up a few more in a different design. I went with the stumble woman as you can see. Works well. I think I'm going to make up a load of different designs to stick about the place. See how many I can fit onto a page. Like sticker Tetris. Only they won't dissapear.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

D&AD Diesel Illustration/Be Stupid

So today was super-productive. 2 shopping trips, an undisclosed number of pounds, a few doughnuts, a pasty, and 6 and a half hours later the D&AD Diesel Illustration brief has moved from planning stages, through production and we're now into post-production. I really wish I could talk about this project fully, but since I've been getting so many hits on my blog just from posts that talk vaguely about D&AD I'm pretty sure someone would steal the idea. So you and I will just have to wait. It's been a good day.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Professional Project Update

Earlier today we had the pitch/initial critique for our Final Major Projects. Mine did not go well to say the least. Below is what I presented. 

It's essentially an idea for an art/illustration book containing my artwork similar to that of many that can be found in bookshops/art shops/libraries. I got shot down because it was generally felt that the idea lacked a little substance/context. It needed a reason or a theme that could run throughout the book and make it more interesting rather than just a compilation of my work. There were many suggestions for this but one quickly rose to the top which was to base it around my 365 drawings from last year. After some thinking I decided that I don't want to just document these in a book though as that means my entire project is InDesign based. So what I'm going to do is use the process idea from my 2010 work, in which I would find something to illustrate and respond to it within a certain time period. I want to look more into the methods of finding the subject matter and the process that goes into it. I will be trying out various methods from scrolling through links on wikipedia to simply asking people on facebook to looking at trends on twitter.
It's all about the process.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stick That Zombie Down


So today I remembered that I had a large pack of sticker paper left over from when I made stickers for War On Want. So I thought "Hmm... What can I do with these?" and as always when I'm unsure I goto Zombies. So here's some zombie stickers with my web adress at the bottom. Nice. I'm thinking about printing up some other bits of my work on sticker paper. Stickers are fun.