Monday, 31 October 2011

'Dear Godmachine' Or 'Dead By Dawn'

Finally finished. 
This probably took the longest out of anything I've done this year. 
Loving the little extras here and there & definitely need to get involved more with that typeface.

'Dear Godmachine' - Work In Progress 3

It's getting fairly large now and is taking ages to do anything.
More colours. More additions. More more more.

Dead By Dawn Flash Sheet

Happy Halloween and all that. 
Weird flash-sheet-type-thing. For re-usable elements in vectors.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Year 3 - Project 2: The Future Of Illustration - Illustration: The Next Ten Years | Twenty Twenty Two Photos

Some photos of my little book.

8 page book held in a card sleeve, stitched spine.

Year 3 - Project 2: The Future Of Illustration - Illustration: The Next Ten years | Twenty Twenty Two

Report for the future of illustration project.
I felt like doing something type based. I kept it really plain and simple. Hopefully in an elegant way.
Front cover. Font is OPS DIN.

Pages 1&2. Outlining the early steps of the project.
It looks a little odd when it's spread out like this on a flat design because you don't get the fold and the two sides sort of merge together. It looks better in the real book. I'll get some photos up.

Pages 3&4 in which we find the script for the voice-over.

Pages 5&6. Outlining the later stages of the project.
Throughout the book I used different point sizes to emphasise some words and different tracking and spacing to make the layout and type seem a little erratic and free-formed in the same way that the illustration was. I think the coloured bars hold it together well.

The back cover is plain so I'm not posting it.
Here instead is the jacket for the booklet.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

'Dear Godmachine' - Work In Progress 2

I've been busy a-vectoring.

I know using flares is a sin. But I like them sometimes.

Still a lot of work to do here. 
Eyes, more colouring layers on the face, teeth, cross details, more colouring on the hair, gradients on the swirls, background, extras. Stay tuned.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Awesome Book Covers

I very rarely, if ever, post anything which doesn't have some element of my work in it.
However, whilst looking for some cool book covers for the newest project I found a multitude of blog posts featuring a plethora of average book covers. So I decided to make my own list.

I did not make any of these. I just reposted them.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Year 3 - Project 2: The Future Of Illustration - Set Up Photos

Photos of time-lapse set up. Mostly with Holly's thumb in the way.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Year 3 - Project 2: The Future Of Illustration - Time Lapse Illustration Video

Group meeting 2 had some massively productive outcomes. We smashed the whole project in one day. 
More ideas, sketches, set up and production. Here it is...


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Year 3 - Project 2: The Future Of Illustration Part 1 - The iSlab

6 day project to 'imagine where Visual Communication might be in 2022' focusing on illustration.
Didn't initially like the brief, but once I started getting some ideas on the go it became enjoyable. 
Here's the first one I've put together. It's an A2 tablet used for drawing that essentially would allow you to create piece that look genuinely hand drawn in a digital format by having paper texture settings and things like that. More info on the image.

I have no affiliation with Apple, iPod or iPad. There are no plans to put this product, or anything similar, into production as far as I am aware. Just in case anyone gets confused. Although it would be fun to start a rumour that Apple are bringing this out.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

'Dear Godmachine' - Work In Progress

Been perhaps a little obsessed with the work of Godmachine lately.
If you don't know him check him out. He's got mad skills.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

Year 3 - Project 1: VisCom Poster - Diamond

Diamond for poster design.

Then Vectorise.

Year 3 - Project 1: VisCom Poster - Work In Progress

Back to uni for my 3rd year of Visual Communication.
The first project out of the bag is to create an A3 poster which promotes VisCom to prospective students whilst delivering both my own take on the course and also presenting my specialism. Obviously illustration is my specialism so the only thing left to do was come up with my take on the course. After some thinking I came up with "Difficult But Ultimately Rewarding." To me that pretty much sums it up. Here's what I'm working on.

Musk Oxen. Ox's are stubborn and therefore represent difficulty.

Vector Musk Oxen.

With a side order of diamonds to represent the reward.

More to follow.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Lisargh Vector

Really speedy vector of Lisa.
I felt like doing something today only I didn't feel like putting in a lot of effort or concentration or time.