Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Beware The Wolf

The cusp of defeat, she beckons now,
A bridge to darker shores and she’s
So appealing, how appealing to feel that tender kiss,
To feel the warm breath of your neck as you,
So unthinking, unassuming,
Taste and sip and drink of it,
Hack and slur and splash about,
Within the lucid waters.

The river runs deep, oh so deep,
As on these nimble feet you skip across the bridge,
To lay your weary head to sleep,
Upon the greener grass.

But somewhere in the wilderness,
A howl so frightening yet so quiet,
Ripples through your bones,
And you are suddenly alert.
The very sentience of your mind starts screaming,
Writhing, twisting, screaming,
Burrows deep beneath the earth,
And you are left alone.

And you’re rooted to the spot,
A moss encrusted oak,
That drips with weary and contempt in this,
So unthinking, unassuming,
Simile of life,
As it starts to rot within.

A second howl but this time closer,
Shakes you through and through,
The rain drops start to pour on down,
A cacophony in misery,
And suddenly its night,
As dark as the gaps between the hells.
The leaves are blowing from your branches,
As you see those beady eyes approach,
And you know your time has come.

Beware the wolf, for he comes for you tonight,
The sand of time in his teeth he bears,
A heathen, A harbinger,
Despair, oh child, despair,
The wolf, he comes for you tonight.

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