Thursday, 3 February 2011

Professional Project Update

Earlier today we had the pitch/initial critique for our Final Major Projects. Mine did not go well to say the least. Below is what I presented. 

It's essentially an idea for an art/illustration book containing my artwork similar to that of many that can be found in bookshops/art shops/libraries. I got shot down because it was generally felt that the idea lacked a little substance/context. It needed a reason or a theme that could run throughout the book and make it more interesting rather than just a compilation of my work. There were many suggestions for this but one quickly rose to the top which was to base it around my 365 drawings from last year. After some thinking I decided that I don't want to just document these in a book though as that means my entire project is InDesign based. So what I'm going to do is use the process idea from my 2010 work, in which I would find something to illustrate and respond to it within a certain time period. I want to look more into the methods of finding the subject matter and the process that goes into it. I will be trying out various methods from scrolling through links on wikipedia to simply asking people on facebook to looking at trends on twitter.
It's all about the process.

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