Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Enormous Gun

So this goes with The Great Red Shark from the other day.
Hunter S Thompson was a huge gun fanatic so basically, the concept follows from before, extending ideas from his writing, i.e. exaggeration & extension, hence the enormous gun. Would have a normal sized handle & trigger so it could be fired.

Inscription that will be engraved down the barrel. My favourite quote from his work & quite fitting I feel. He lived his life by this ethos. I like to draw curly letters.

Bits down the side, the first shows a close up of the handle with the inscription 'HST 1937 - 2005'. The second square shows an idea for the shells, moulded into gonzo fists with different quotes on them. Also here you can see the difference in size between the handle & the rest of the gun.

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