Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Business Identity Letterhead

After messing about with a lot of different layouts I came up with this one. Overall I think this works fairly well, I've managed to keep the type at the top in a small way but I found that using it for all the text was a little overpowering & distracting from the layout. I've also re-used the wolf here which would be a watermark, ideally this would be printed onto some rough/handmade paper to keep the natural feel throughout. The decorations on the page are Native American patterns which I felt would both be appropriate and add another dimension to the piece. I wanted to keep the second name & the meaning in as well so I've used that as the name on the address. I couldn't find an actual address for Matilda Joselyn Gage so I've created one from elements such as her birth year, husbands last name & city of birth. As a whole I think this is quite effective, it keeps in all the elements that I want to reflect about the subject & is also looks good.

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