Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back To Weaving The Dreams

So now that 2010 is done and dusted and all of my drawingly requirements are also done for now I had time to get back to what I supposed to be doing with my time: building my website. Filling up my gallerys was priority one. It took a long time to format 100 or so images and make thumbnails of them as well but it got done. It then also took a long time to insert aformentioned imagery into said gallerys in the requisite fashion and a pleasant order. Yes. That's right. Requisite. I chose a dead pigeon to be the fron of my illustration one because I like it. And that is the best reason to do anything and everything.

The next step was to input an animation into my website. Since I've only ever made one animation to date this was exceedingly easy. I simply clicked on a backing box and hit insert - media - swf - browse - file. Then resized it appropriately. At some point I'm sure that I will make some more animations in which case I will be forced to integrate them into a gallery system similar to that of my illustration gallery. But as it stands I have no need of such a system and this will be updated when necessary.

As you can see here, it works.

Then I realised that I hadn't actually put any imagery on my front page yet and It was in essence, a white box with a few bits of text sitting in it. It took me a while to decide what images to use. I didn't want to go for just one image as I think that this would narrow the field down too much and visitors to the site might think this is the only type of work that you do. So I went for a mixture of styles and disciples, focusing on illustration as this is my fortay. So I've got a colour illustration, a bold black and white one, a painted one and a line work one alongside a book cover design and a black and white photograph. I chose to focus the images in on a small detail as the larger images are available for viewing through the galleries. I think this works well as it creates an interesting composition, and a small insight into the variety of work that I produce. I chose to arrange them as below due to the fact that 3 of the images I chose to use were predominately green. So I split them up as much as possible.

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