Monday, 10 January 2011

Fav Icon And Finish

Uploaded everything to the server. I'm Online. The last thing to check was that my favIcon would work... and there it is, right in front of my name on the tab, and on the adress bar. Nice. I chose to use the logo I created as that seemed to fit with the branding/style of the website, is consistent throughout and also is simple enough to be reduced to a 16px by 16px square. I've also run this through a few different browsers to make sure it works. It's a little different depending on browser, but only so that the text on the bio page moves down by a line so it's working consistently and effectively. So I guess that means I'm done for now until I create more artwork to upload. Overall I'm really pleased with the outcome of my site, I've managed to follow my plans from the beginning, making a few minor changes to get around the difficulties of java script but it definitely still resembles the original design. The layout is simple yet effective and works well with the imagery as it serves to emphasise the work. I feel that the work I chose to display on the index page was a good choice. It has a variety of styles and media which contrast well with each other but fit together through the use of a common colour: green. The colours on the index page really pop out aswell due to the plain background. The imagery on the bio and contact pages I feel also works well, I selected pieces which could be made to float in the space provided so that they wouldn't be in a box format and could fit more naturally into the layout. I'm also really happy with the typeface and how that works within the confines of the page and in conjunction with the imagery and layout. The whole thing really portrays my work/style/personality well. In particular I'm happy with how the gallerys work, the categories are well thought out, and the rollover on the selection screen adds an extra element. Then the actual gallerys themselves have an enlarge function which makes the site a little more interesting than just a basic click and replace. All my links work, all the functions work. Website: done.

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