Friday, 7 January 2011

Rollover Images in Dreamweaver

Today was mainly filled with sorting out/adjusting some small niggles again. Little things like aligning text in the right place and editing my bio a little bit. Then at the tutorial I got good feedback. It was agreed that my website has a good design, is reflective of me and my work and is pretty much finished other than the design gallery which is yet to be filled. The only other issue that came up was that the front page was really bold and colourful, and all of the other pages had some element of colour in there as well apart from the gallery category page. So I've added in some rollover imagery. The page appears exactly as it did until the mouse rolls over one of the pictures when it turns to colour. I've also added a favicon to my pages. That's that little bespoke image that displays at the start of the url in the address bar but since that will only work when the website is live I can't screen shot it yet.

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