Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Old Photos

I found a bunch of photos from years ago and thought I'd post them for the sake of it.

I always loved this photo and I still do. Love the contrasts and the tones. Shot with my Pentax ME Super on top of a mountain in Italy, near Lake Garda about 4 years ago. This is the fence thats supposed to stop people walking off a sheer cliff face.

Olivia Holt, colour.
Shot in Ringwood, on my Canon. This  set was for my A level photography so that was... 3 years ago I think.

Olivia Holt, B&W.

Matt Bloor. B&W. As you can seen, was a bit keen on the photoshop.

Will Haywood, colour. Less photoshop.

Ben Harris, colour. If this was a painting I'd be proud. But it's just heavy photoshop use.

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