Thursday, 9 December 2010

Gallery Is Taking Shape

This has taken me about three whole days to work out how to make this jQuery work properly. I've tried many different versions and then gone for this one. It's basically a gallery where you have the thumbnails on the left and the main image on the right which changes according to which thumbnail you click. It has no images in this version but I have run a test version with some dummy images and it does definitely work. Above we have design view. Fascinating. 

Live view. I added a scroll bar to the thumbs gallery and shrunk it down so that I could leave space at the bottom to add text about the main image. I also resized the thumbs, changed the paddings and margins, both of the thumbs and the whole container. Overall there was a lot of jiggling code about to make it to how I wanted it but in the end I think I've made it work well.

Example of the roll-over function which enlarges the thumbnails when you scroll over them. All that remains now is to add content to this page. And then to copy it to the other categories of my gallery and then fill them up as well. Onwards.

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