Thursday, 25 November 2010

November 25th 2010: Officer Down T-Shirt Commision

Got a commision for a T-shirt design for a punk band from Bristol called Officer Down. Who I have been familiar with for a while. Check them out. or . Good straight up punk rock. They wanted something reflecting the name, including a cop, in a two colour on black. Heres what I came up with.

Drawing Number One: Officer Down with badge held out. Made sure it was an English style badge and uniform.

Drawing Number Two: City Scape & Helmet for additional imagery to be added to the main section.

Final Design: Reversed out the imagery, added the band logo and some good, old-fashioned, blood splatter. Fini. Overall I'm pretty happy with that. On the screen it looks a little weird because of the detail being condensed, but when it's blown up to the actual size it would be printed out it looks good. I like the addition of the blood to the 'W' on the logo, helps to bring the whole piece together.


  1. are we doing the inciders ones? you're going to own me!

  2. yes we are. somehow. at some point... i got no ideas for it though.