Thursday, 3 March 2011

Work In Progress? The Gypsy And The Moon (Again)

Since last time I posted this I've added up extra layers of paint to most of this. The headband was originally green but it ran too much into the leaves on the rose so I switched it out to purple. The goats skull I painted in yellows and browns and then went over the top in a thin white acrylic so it's translucent. It's actually a bit whiter than it looks on the photo. I've also blocked in the background in a dark purple/dark blue/black mix to try and get it to look like a night sky, probably gonna add some stars on top of that.

Close up of the face. I'm really pleased with how the hair came out, it took a while to work over each area indivdually to get the gradients right in the seperate curls but it was definitely worth it for the effect it gives out.

Close up of the lettering. Pretty standard tattoo style script/cursive writing, which I do a lot. It's a lot harder with a paint brush than with a fineliner.

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