Friday, 25 March 2011

Professional Project: Illustration Number Nine - Roman Army

The Roman Army came up as my subject matter for illustration. I had a massive block on this one and just couldn't get started on it. Eventually I just grabbed something and ran with it. If an army was disobedient the generals would execute every tenth man. The Roman armies symbol was an eagle. Hence the work.

This is the first eagle I drew up. At actual size the tail feathers had no detail so I had to drop some of them out and make gaps bigger so they could be seen clearly. I did two versions of the piece.

Of the two I prefer the black on white rather than the white on black. I think the lines are cleaner and therefore bolder, the red stands out better and in particular on the red eagle the detail gets lost in the black. The type is a reference to the famous OBEY poster work.

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