Sunday, 20 March 2011

Professional Project: Illustration Number Eight - The Age Of Discovery


My eighth random subject matter was The Age Of Discovery. Which, after some research, turned out to be comprised of a lot of people sailing around the oceans with no particular destination in mind. They were just trying to find somewhere new. Later this created trade-routes and things like that. But what struck me most was the vast amount of sailing that happened. So I decided to draw a boat. Above is the original drawing. Rendered in Letraset Markers, coloured pencil and of course, fine liner pens. I think this worked really well as the markers allowed me to blend and give some detail to the sails. But I felt it was a bit bland on it's own...

So I did this. Simple border (fineliner and markers) remeniscent of old pictures etc. Since the subject matter was all about discovery of new things I decided to go for a multi-media effect, using some torn paper with some lines draw on it to create the sea.Some simple dodge and burn gave it some perspective. Then I went for the photographic sky and clouds to get the really deep blue and the detail.

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