Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Work Experience: 28/04/2010

So after yesterdays events of setting up our little studio company today was focused on coming up with ideas for advertsing strategies. We talked about what kind of clients we would want to work for. The short list came down to: record labels, doing illustration & design for CD sleeves/flyers/posters. Fashion, creating look books & advertising. Drinks companies, designing packaging & advertising and finally Charity, doing advertising. So after deciding on these we needed to come up with some way of getting our name & message to these clients. After a LOT of debating and throwing ideas around we came up with the idea of using the 'plus' sign from the logo to reflect a medical nature, and so to play on a gimic of being 'design doctors'. We then split into smaller groups to throw some more ideas about for this. My group came up with the idea of creating a mock first aid box containing some promo pieces. I was in charge of designing the box itself but we only had 10 minutes to do this in so it was a quick job. Here it is. Pretty simple design.

Into this was placed a business card,

a lollipop,

and a plaster (the image for which won't load). These elements were designed by the rest of my team.

 Back of envelope box thing.

 The Collection.

After pitching this to the whole studio it was decided that we had the best idea and were put in charge of craeting a more realistic version of this as a mock up. That's coming soon.

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