Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Work Experience: 27/04/2010

So today was the start of my work experience unit. We began with an overview of what we would be doing over the next two weeks. Firstly we would be creating a set of stencils to be sprayed onto the grass around AUCB to guide people an exhibition. We will also be creating a map for the same exhibition. Lastly we have been set a live brief to create a design for signs to be put up at Castlepoint shopping centre which will help mobility customers (those that are disabled/partially sighted/blind) to get around the shops. These will need to have both standard text on but also braille so they can be read by everyone.

As we are setting up a studio team the first task was to chose a name & design a logo for ourselves. We split into groups and my team came up with the idea of 'Comelion designs', being that we are visual COMunication students and we wanted to suggest that we were adaptable to any environment. This received good feedback but overall we felt that the name was too long and since it was misspelt it could be difficult to create a customer base. The end result was 'Thirteen plus one' which came from there originally being 13 of us and one person showing up late.

We then went about designing the stencils to be sprayed around AUCB for the show, we had been given a set typeface and the fact that they wanted it displayed within a circle. These were my designs. The first set on the left were the ones that I pitched. (This includes the large 2.) I wanted to keep them simple as grass is not a very accurate medium. I used bridges on all numbers regardless of whether they were necessary or not and stretched these through the circle in a straight line. These received good feedback but another design was chosen due to creative flair.

The chosen design was then split up and each person in the team then designed one number, directed by the chosen design director. This was then printed out across 6 A3 sheets, taped together, spray mounted onto some grey board and then cut out with a scalpel to create the stencil.

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