Monday, 19 April 2010

New Layouts

First double spread. 
So the edits I've made since the crit is that I had too many illustrations on my work, so I reduced the number. This stained glass window piece received some good feedback from tutors and fellow scholars alike so I've used this as a larger element of the work. I also filled in the image sections on the left here with the D.I.Y. letters. I chose to do this because firstly Ellen Lupton's work is based a lot arround the D.I.Y. ethos and a lot of her book titles include it, secondly she talks about how everyone is a designer and how design tools are becoming more readily accessible to everybody and not just the professionals so this holds in with the D.I.Y. ethos really well. I've also made some more technical adjustments such as aligning my text to the baseline grid, sorting out single lines of paragraphs, hyphenation and so forth.

Second double spread. 
On this spread I've again reduced the number of illustrations. This piece also received some good feedback so I've chosen to keep this one in and remove the others. It took me ages to sort out the copy in a way that I like on the page as all the adjustments I made to it made it spread out loads but I think this works really well and I've managed to get all the questions and answers in good places so that it isn't at all disjointed. I think the black space definitely works a lot better than filling every available space with imagery just for the sake of it.

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