Monday, 25 January 2010


So I think the Poster design worked well overall. I was trying to play off of fashion advertisement techniques in order to draw in the right audience, which i think has worked quite well throught he use of the clothing being the main focus. I think the composition has also helped here as there is just the clothing I think it empahsises this further by excluding the figure. I also like the way that the tag leads the viewers eye down and to the start of the copy. I think the tag line works really well as it appeals to those younger people, who I would class as quite a fashion conscious group on whole, and links in with a double meaning trying to get people to think about where their clothes are coming from. The tag being changed from 'me' to 'us' I think was definately a good idea as it is not such a victimising approach, and doesn't try emotional blackmail as so many other charity ad campaigns do, instead it offers the opportunity to join a community of people trying to change the way sweatshops are run which I think is a much more effective method. The smaller copy under the tagline reinforces this well I think to add a little more information about the cause and then the response mechanism has been added underneath the logo. I think that overall it is an effective charity ad poster as it is not a typical style not does it give a typical message so I think young people might be more inclined to respond to it.

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