Wednesday, 21 March 2012

EMP Vinyl Toy - Big Trouble In Little China - James Hong

Shape It, Bake It, Paint It.
Here's a timelapse (with some significant sections missing) of me creating my first customised vinyl toy. 

Music: Crystal Effigy by Our Time Down Here.

The subject is James Hong's character from Big Trouble In Little China. I used a 4inch Trexi model as a base and sculpey to add extra details. Also used a couple of screws as I felt that'd be preferably as a visual compared to trying to create a similar effect with the sculpey. Turns out this is actually really, really difficult & very time consuming but a lot of fun. Sculpting the right shapes without leaving marks is really awkward but it's a very versatile tool and holds a lot of strength in a thin sheet. I left the model in the oven for about 30 seconds too long and some sections of the vinyl started to melt which had to be rectified with a knife. Something to look out for if you make one yourself. Painting it was a delicate procedure which I completed in one colour at a time, luckily the model separates at various points which makes it considerably easier. Finished him up with some black ink details. One the paint is fully set (tomorrow) I shall be spray varnishing him for a nice shiny finish. I've already started my next one. Stay tuned.

It's all in the reflexes.

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