Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Work Experience 05/05/2010

Today contained much less talking than other days and a fair bit more action. We had just from half 9 until half 4 to get everything rapped up (it is currently 14:54 and I've just finished my allocated contribution). Everyone was assigned different tasks to go about during the day. The first task was to achieve some research on plastic/signs/braille companies. After a lot of searching I discovered a company which will create our laser cut/embossed signs on plastic with braille and colouring. Everything we need. I emailed them a specification for our signs and as a rough quote they stated a cost of £21 each plus VAT which with 80 signs comes to around £2000. My other task for today was to collect all of the artwork for the signs and create PDF's for them. I also had to add braille type which I downloaded from the internet. This was a lot more difficult than it should have been due to mass confusion as to file format, lost files and such other issues. A laser cutting has also been arranged for a mock up of a design (currently in progress as I write this) so that the client can have an idea of what the signage will look like. Here are the sign designs.

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