Friday, 7 December 2012

Typography Lyrics Series

Here's a short typographical series I made to cheer someone up.
I sent these in the post. There was one more but that one is too personal to share.
The ones shown here are lyrics to one of my own songs.

This is hesitance filled with purpose,
This is the calm before our storm
We are many things but not worthless,
And we refuse to live forlorn.

Ten times they cut out our tongues,
Ten times these tongues have been reborn,
And we'll sing songs of those once loved,
And every scar that we have worn.

We'll start this when we feel ready,
We'll build a castle from this dirt,
And though our heads and hearts are heavy,
We will grow with every hurt.

She stitches wings to my soul,
Now watch me fucking soar.

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