Monday, 30 April 2012

EMP Packaging - Big Trouble In Little China

My initial idea for the packaging for this was a Chinese dragon but as you can imagine, the logistics of making a decent looking dragon that works as a box... it didn't work. So I went with a lantern. This is taken from a tutorial I found here: 

I adapted this to turn it into a box. To make this you will need:
48 Chinese Envelopes - you can get these on Ebay pretty cheap.
Cello tape.
Double-sided Tape.
Stapler & Staples,
3 Sides of Card - A4
1 Sides of Thick Paper/Card - A3
Chinese Charm Tassle Thing - another Ebay job.

I made it exactly the same as the tutorial on the video, only cut about 1mm off the outside of 16 envelopes to create a slightly smaller octagon. I used this as the bottom half of the box. Instead of attaching the folded cards to the top of this I made a second middle section with the normal size cards. Measured up the necessary lengths, cut the same shape from card. Then the same shape again with the addition of 6cm of tab on each edge to create spacers, then a measured whole on the middle for the figure to sit in. That goes in the bottom. Tape string into the bottom & tie it together in the middle above the vinyl figure so that it hangs straight through the whole in the top. Sorted.

Front Of Box - Text Reads 
"collectable vinyl figure"

Side View.

Full Length.

Box Open.

I think it looks ace. 

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