Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The InCiders: T-shirt Designs

So some friends of mine collectively known as The InCiders, ( ) a local hardcore/punk band (See previous sets of concert photos) asked me to do some shirt designs for them. I was supposed to do the album cover but I did something else instead.

Black Flag. 
There's a lot of mock Black Flag shirts going around and it annoys me a little bit because they're all just using the logo with different typefaces and it's become really cool and stuff. You can bet half the kids wearing the shirts have no idea who Black Flag were. So in this case the logo's turned to coffins and straight outta the InCider's lyrics "You Stood Back And Watched It Die". The songs about the hardcore scene being taken over by scene kids. Just in the same way that the t-shirts were taken over by hipsters.

Nowhere near as much thought in the processing of this one but I think it looks pretty cool. Just took the Black Flag coffin pattern and extrapolated it, changed the position of the type at the bottom.

Welcome To The Age Of Stupid.
Another line straight out of The InCider's lyric book for the latest E.P. It's either the line before or after references the dawn of the dead which is where that hand came from. Birds are just for effect. Enjoying the jumbled up letters with just "stupid" standing on it's own. Let's see if that confuses anyone.

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