Thursday, 16 June 2011

Horror Crew - Haunting Houses Project - 06/06/2011

So I see a post on facebook, "any guerilla photographers/videomakers about tommorow? golden opportunity" and i'm intrigued. Hooked it up. The next day i'm off to meet the Horror Crew near my flat. Off down the road & round a corner, through a gap in a bush and over a kicked-down piece of wire fencing and try and look for a decent entrace to this place. When we got inside, this place was a state. Broken windows, crumbling walls and ceilings, all the floors had been ripped up to try & stop people going in, but obviously it hadnt worked, there was some make shift beds, beer & aerosol everywhere. So, we spent a while exploring the place, up and down stairs to try and find some decent walls. We set down our bags, I set up my camera and the boys got out their paint.

 Here's one of the bigger rooms downstairs. As you can see, it was pretty wrecked. That whole in the middle of the floor is from where the basement roof had caved in.

More carnage & a fire extinguisher.

Obviously there had been some previous intruders.

Second floor. Not so much floor.

More second floor.

Makeshift Bedding.

Downstairs fireplace.

The view from the front room down into the basement.


Shooting through the floor above. This was dodgy as hell to take, for a start the section of floor next to the stairs was being supported by a wooden beam that had been bodged in. Then i'm squatting down, balanced on two, thin beams with nothing but air and plasterboard on either side. Nearly fell through a couple of times, but its all good.

Check out the ceiling in this. Thats where I was crouching above to get the shots through the floorboard. Also you can see the makeshift support beam.

At this point my camera started coming up 'ERR 001' everytime I tried to take a photo. So I had to quit with with that and switch to only using the video camera on my ipod. I also shot some fisheyes but there wasn't enough light in the place for them to work. I would post the videos at this point, if the upload video tool was working. I'll have to hook it up in another post.

House: Haunted.
(I would like to point out, although it should be obvious, that the artwork in the photos is not mine.)

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