Friday, 13 May 2011

Vectorise This

My idea of fun is sitting around turning loads of drawings into vectors. I was mostly thinking about t-shirt printability when I made these. Some I did just to mess about. But mainly for t-shirts and that sort of thing. Some worked better than others.

1. Worked really well. Thick lines. Detail remains. Possible shirt.

2. Blown up big on a shirt with some type. 

3. Sort of worked... unsure. Blown up with the right typography could work really well.

4. Pretty much exactly as the drawing was only with black lips. Would work.

5. Hasn't really worked too well. Don't think this is strong enough compared to the others.

6. Love it. Might get this printed on a shirt just for myself. Again, blow it up large, full front of shirt, and put some type across the top.

7. Not so much for shirts. Was just playing about with the 'Love Is' set. Stylised them alot.

8. Not as strong as the last one, but that's because the original drawing wasn't as good.

9. Love this. Clean lines. Very, very clean.
10. Just because Sad Bear is awesome.

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